"I am returning to defend Brazil, and all Brazilians."

- Thiago Silva @ TAM Airlines
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Anonymous asked: Did you like Dunga as the new coach of Brazil nt?

I was shocked when I read the news to be honest. I wanted them to have a new coach. A new coach means a new style, a new strategy, new everything you know?

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Middle Aged Harry Potter Books [x]

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So are the Spain band wagoners moving to Germany?

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I don’t cry uncontrollably anymore. But fuck, David never fails to make me tear up.

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I honestly hate every nt that is not Brazil.

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Someone has to win the World Cup but fuck. Why Argentina and Germany? Ugh. Seriously, if Brazil can’t win it. Why them? I’d be happier if France or Italy or heck, Cameroon win!

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Is it true that Brazilians want Germany to win and that Argentinians sing mocking songs about us?

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I am kind of happy that Argentina won. Dont want Germany to win the World Cup.

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I can be your f a m i l y

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